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Real Estate Program Management Services

From project development to construction, occupancy and facilities operations

We are an Extension of your Corporate Real Estate Staff


As an organization we specialize in Owner and Tenant Representation from early project development (site evaluation, lease consulting, design management) through construction and occupancy, all the way to the setup of facilities related services and ongoing operational consulting.

Our experience in the design and construction industry, combined with our Corporate Real Estate operation experience and Owner’s perspective, allow us to evaluate options and recommend solutions most beneficial to our clients.  We are a company that listens carefully to it’s client’s issues and objectives and we dedicate ourselves to achieving project goals.

We are proficient in the use of management information systems and are adept at applying the appropriate technology and methods to individual projects.  We insure the projects we manage will be compatible with today’s technology and will be upgradable to adapt technologies of the future.


Our Approach

Our Approach
Program Strategy and Project Assessment
  • Scope the project and obtain management sign-off of objectives and deliverables
  • Form the team – internal resources and third party expertise
  • Identify decision makers and authority levels
  • Analyze risk and address contingencies
  • Develop budget and obtain approvals
  • Develop project scheduling
  • Define procuring methodologies and strategies
  • Define communications, reporting structure and escalation process
  • Define environmental and energy usage goals
Project Planning
  • Identify local conditions – zoning requirements and issues, permitting, taxing and incentives, utilities
  • Obtain local approvals.
  • Obtain headcount projections form HR department
  • Plan requirements for space, infrastructure and manpower
  • Inventory applications, network and hardware and plan for future requirements.
  • Develop 3, 5, 10 year projections
  • Identify vendors and service providers
  • Revisit the budget and obtain approvals of any changes
  • Select design consultants – architects, engineers, permit expeditors, environmental experts, inspectors, etc…
Lease Representation
  • Develop Location Radius Map
  • Develop Space Criteria
  • Develop Lease Parameters and Lease RFP
  • Analyze Lease Proposals
  • Analyze Physical and Utilities Infrastructure of Proposed Locations
  • Submit Lease Abstract for Management Review
  • Submit Lease Proposal for Legal and Financial Approvals
Project Implementation
  • Conduct periodic on-site meetings weekly, or more frequently as required
  • Design property, site, facility and redundant utility infrastructure
  • Select contractors and service providers for each of the 16 standard construction project divisions
  • Construct site and building
  • Select MEP equipment for specialty areas – datacenter, lab, security, health, etc…
  • Install, start-up, test and keep record of all MEP and specialty systems
  • Document all stages of the project, including photos, meeting minutes, RFI, reviews, approvals, and testing
  • Review and receive approval on all change orders
  • Track project cost and schedule
  • Obtain as-built drawings
  • Obtain all design documents and specifications in electronic format
Occupancy Planning and Relocation Management
  • Perform a final project review and adjust as required
  • Test and verify new infrastructure and facility
  • Establish move sequence and priorities
  • Select moving vendors
  • Review insurance policies
  • Obtain certificate of occupancy
  • Implement the move
  • Provide for safety and security of old and new site and all materials and equipment in transit
Closure and Follow-up
  • Train user groups
  • Hand-over new facility to user
  • Hand-over documentation, procedures and warranties
  • Follow-up on operation issues
  • Financial wrap-up
  • Review process issues
  • De-commission old facility and plant
  • Project debrief
  • 6-month and 12-month follow-up

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