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Data Center Relocation Services

Relocation Services Tailored to Meet the Demands of Today’s Advanced IT Infrastructure

At Tashua Associates, we recognize that data center moves are one of the most important and sensitive real estate efforts our clients undertake. Over the years, we have developed methodologies and processes to tackle the complexity of these events.  A successful project requires elaborate due diligence, planning and accountability across all aspects of an organization.


Pre-migration Assessment

Detailed assessment of your current infrastructure requirements including space, electrical, power, cooling and security.

Physical Site Preparation

Confirmation, validation and testing of all infrastructure elements at your new data center is vital prior to initiating your relocation.



Proper planning down to the smallest detail. Our goal is to eliminate risk and ensure a timely and secure transition to your new data center.

Vendor Management

Coordination and management of all vendors involved and impacting the relocation.


Communication Planning

We employ a standard communication and escalation model in order to ensure projects stay on schedule and issues are resolved efficiently.

Decommission Old Center

Planning and coordination of the turn down of your legacy data center locations.

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